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Two Wildly Different New Years

~ The contrast in how I rang in the New Year for 2018 compared to the last is stark if not startling. On the last night of 2016 I dolled myself up, chugged a large coffee at 10pm, and plunged into an evening of dancing at a stranger’s house party with old friends and a […]


A Prayer for Releasing 2017

We’re nearing our final hours of 2017 and it’s feeling magical AF (Full Moon, I see you!) There is so much I could and would love to say about my personal year, but there’s something more important I’d like to share. I’ve noticed (in myself and many others) how there’s this massive wave of intention […]


Unpacking Christmas

Gah. What an unexpected, interesting, emotional, and (ultimately) beautiful Christmas this has been. As the sparks of this season drift to the Earth like Sister Snow, Peace rests in my heart. I feel grateful. I feel a little tired. I come back to Love. This is the first Christmas I’ve spent in my own home. […]

What we Really Lose When we Hold On.

“The woman you are becoming will cost you people, relationships, spaces, and material things. Choose her over everything.” — Unknown In the quiet stillness of Winter Solstice, Autumn’s lesson got to me in the eleventh hour: I can’t hold myself and hold onto everyone at once. In everything, there is loss, whether I think I’m […]

In the Night

IN THE NIGHT i am the moon and you the deep blue united by your current, my pale vision burns soft and slow beneath a blanket of stars a luminous body anchored in the night, stroking your surface with feminine magnetism the ebb the flow we are connected we move each other you are wild […]

It Takes a Village

Feeling grateful for human support today. Because DAMN, this week has knocked me on my ass. And it’s okay, because I can dust off my skirt and get back up, but it reinforces the feeling that it truly takes a village for each of us to get through (and ultimately to thrive). We are not […]


Cutting Down

What’s it going to take for us to believe in our own potential and resiliency? I think about the impossible feat of a tiny acorn becoming the majestic oak. Looking at that dinky seed in our palm, our mind would never believe it. Greatness? In this? Madness! But, yet, it is true. Somehow, that little […]

This is Grief

THIS IS GRIEF saturday morning deep breath more tears get up dizzy back into bed make love to every sad song try again two scoops of coffee undone stop everything crying on the kitchen floor rainbow fractals on the cupboard door never saw that before thoughts about angels and cardinals and that damn church that […]

Trust in Us

~ TRUST IN US ~ i’m not afraid of you take me inside show me all of your fragments and see how the light will dance through your seams when you shine it through hear how the heart song sings its loudest when it’s finely tuned and know how just when the end of your […]