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Human Heart

~ HUMAN HEART ~ as a human being with a human heart i will never hold back its breaking so when love arrives as mine for the taking you better believe I’ll say yes to the risk of the fall to losing it all every time before i opt out in favor of safety’s illusion […]


Love Beyond Condition

  I have been lonely damn near all my life, but I never gave up on love. As a little girl, it never occurred to me that I would have to think, say, or act a certain way to be loved. It never occurred to me that it wasn’t normal protocol to throw my arms […]

Palms Facing Upward

PALMS FACING UPWARD ~ i greet life with palms facing upward beckoning its blessings to fall in my grasp and so too i greet you with palms facing upward a nest to rest your head when it’s weary a cup to fill when your wine’s finally flowing and even if my fingers wear frail or […]


Control Comes from Lack of Trust.

I’m the first to admit it—I’ve been a control freak in most aspects of my life. Control involves a lot of mental planning. We ruminate over all possible outcomes. We make detailed check lists. Schedules. “Five-Year Plans.” We send follow-up text messages to make sure everyone remembered our get-togethers. We investigate a lot of “what […]


Father’s Day Cards for Complicated Relationships

~ What kind of card do you give the father you don’t speak to? This is the question that hung in the front of my mind while I stared blankly at my grocery store’s festive Father’s Day display. “World’s #1 Dad!” “Thank you for your never-ending support and love.” “You are, and will always be, my […]


Honoring Sensitivity in a High-Pressure World

~ I’ll come out and say it—I’m sensitive. Indeed, a “highly sensitive person,” as my closer companions often call me—“HSP” for short. And I’d like to acknowledge for a moment that it takes courage to share this identification with the world. We pay a lot of lip-service to sensitivity these days. Brené Brown’s Power of Vulnerability skyrocketed from […]

Your Love is All

~ YOUR LOVE IS ALL ~ my love for you brims with such immensity heart spills over heels for all living things every creature with a soul i’ve come to know holds a speck of star who at one time found home as a freckle on your cheek or a fiber in your bones to love […]

Of Cracked Clay

OF CRACKED CLAY when our hearts have been broken perhaps long ago perhaps when they were soft and still forming we can no longer hold love in our bodies we become pots of cracked clay love, like water, graces us quenches us fills us up but it always runs out when our hearts have been […]

For The Wild One

FOR THE WILD ONE wait for the one who returns you to your wild the one who wakes up the animal buried in your body a creature held captive by the unnatural machine of your mind wait for the one who unravels you with a curious claw who marks the path across your back and […]