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Cutting Down

What’s it going to take for us to believe in our own potential and resiliency? I think about the impossible feat of a tiny acorn becoming the majestic oak. Looking at that dinky seed in our palm, our mind would never believe it. Greatness? In this? Madness! But, yet, it is true. Somehow, that little […]

This is Grief

THIS IS GRIEF saturday morning deep breath more tears get up dizzy back into bed make love to every sad song try again two scoops of coffee undone stop everything crying on the kitchen floor rainbow fractals on the cupboard door never saw that before thoughts about angels and cardinals and that damn church that […]

Trust in Us

~ TRUST IN US ~ i’m not afraid of you take me inside show me all of your fragments and see how the light will dance through your seams when you shine it through hear how the heart song sings its loudest when it’s finely tuned and know how just when the end of your […]

Wild, Mundane Glory

Jacob Nordby’s soulful proclamation of the miracle of our humanness is aptly captured in his phrase “wild, mundane glory.” As of late, I’ve been challenging myself to fall in love with my humanness as much as my divinity. It’s certainly a challenge, as I know it is for many of the more cosmically-connected Lightworkers out […]

Until The Question Fades

UNTIL THE QUESTION FADES ~ staring out this window paper moths flutter past the screen crickets converse in a dialect i’ve yet to pick up feeling nearly excluded from this strange and beautiful place thinking how i will never have solace in knowing i’m right in the choices i’ve made and am making how the […]

Another Woman Steps Forward

~ When I woke up this morning, my Facebook feed was flooding with two simple words—”me too.” Two words that encapsulate a lifetime of the feminine experience. In light of breaking news about Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long history of Hollywood sexual assault, women around the world are stepping forward on social media in solidarity. The task, introduced on […]

A Lightworker’s Letter to Shadow.

~ Shadow work. Does anyone particularly “enjoy” this process? Doubtful. ~ I deeply appreciate what it’s had to teach me, and I honor it as necessary—hell, I’ve even come to love the parts of myself I got back that I used to find shameful and disgusting. This is ultimately the joy in embracing the uncomfortable, […]

On Teeth

On Teeth ~ Teeth. For such a small fraction of our being they sure get a lot of our attention. If only we gave the rest of ourselves as much care. When was the last time you dedicated two minutes to clearing out the foreign junk that’s collected in your head? Or took a pause […]

When You Fall in Love

~ WHEN YOU FALL IN LOVE  ~ when you fall in love it will be as a symphony of wildflowers some unfolding one by one while others spring alive as soon as the sun kisses their lips  ~ when you fall in love it will be as a river sings its rhythm sad-songed and sweet […]

The Conversational Nature of Reality

David Whyte brings a tactile sense of magic to the ordinary in his beautiful piece, “The Conversational Nature of Reality.” Through his words, we find the richness and depth we may not have noticed in the small things we engage with on a daily basis. On some level, everything is in an intimate relationship with […]