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Why we Willingly Carry our Burdens Around

I’ve noticed how often myself and those around me convince ourselves that carrying burdens is worth the weight (and the wait). It’s as if we’ve accepted that feeling weighed down by life is just a “part of the deal.” We’ll feel light and good when we get the promotion, when the kids are out of […]

Bullshit an Intuit

~ BULLSHIT AN INTUIT you can’t bullshit an intuit she sees the desire in your smile hears the truth in your sugar-coated lies feels the ripple of your mood in a room her ears ring when you’re only thinking of her the corners of your mouth say more than a dictionary of words, and she […]

Home Is

~ HOME IS if home is where the heart is i’ve found mine in many places i’ve left a nest in iron skylines redwood rainforests lovers from campbell to canaan home is where i am but also where i want to be in a cluster of stars i swear i’ve seen and in the damp sweet […]

Nahko Bear’s Manifesto

Anyone who follows me on Facebook for long enough knows the deep respect and appreciation I have for the activist/musician/revolutionary heart of Nahko Bear. I’ve been acquainted with his music for many years, but as my own spiritual path deepens, so too does my embodied understanding for the wisdom woven into his music. I have many […]

Listen Here

~ LISTEN HERE my body is my most sacred instrument i will make love with her make some kind of magic make that sweet music strum my ribs like tender strings spread my limbs like angel wings raise my voice to sing my truth like a melody ’til life takes its last from me no […]


I Still Care, Even if I’m Not There

Life has a way of taking us away from each other. We leave for so many reasons. Lovers’ quarrels. Moving cross-country. University graduations. Even the slow passage of time simply changing us. The chemistry loses its magic. Surely we never intend for relationships to deteriorate, but that thing life puts in our path becomes undeniable—so irresistible—that we […]

ATTN: Women

~ ATTN: WOMEN have you ever stopped in wonder of how incredible you are? how within you is the seed of all that is? how could you be anything less than beautiful when you are the breathing embodiment of creation? i’ve had enough of the not enoughs my fill of feeling less than full these […]


The Paradox of the Extroverted Empath

~ I have a pretty clear image of the “classic empath” in my mind. She’s shy and sensitive and loves nothing more than curling up with a good book, a cup of tea, and a pair of socks she probably knit herself. She’s a gentle soul, deeply in touch with her emotions and sensitive to […]

Human Heart

~ HUMAN HEART ~ as a human being with a human heart i will never hold back its breaking so when love arrives as mine for the taking you better believe I’ll say yes to the risk of the fall to losing it all every time before i opt out in favor of safety’s illusion […]