A Dove in the Dark

This is a poem that has carried me through a lot of uncertain and scary places.

I come home to it again and again. It’s about loving with our whole hearts, as much as we possibly can love, even when we have no promises of what’s to come. And then it’s about letting go when our souls know it’s time to let go.

Life is my greatest teacher and she always will be. Life is God to me. And part of loving her wholly is trusting in her mystery. The parts of her that I cannot see, and that I may never consciously know while I’m here. And then choosing to give all of myself over to her anyway. The Dove in the Dark is the moment when you’re standing in the moonlight, looking out into the abyss with your precious faith clutched to your chest. It’s feeling that preciousness and wanting to keep it close, but choosing to extend your hards outward and releasing your grasp. Releasing faith to take wing out into the Great Unknown. Into the night. Trusting that what is meant for us will always return, and what is not will be received by Life to be cared for and safe, even beyond our sights.

So I find myself here again. Shadows in my heart. Empty hands. Feet on the Earth to remind me I’m still here and the Great Eastern Sun will rise again.

Sending Light for the Night to all beings ♥ Danielle


Being Broken (Poem)

everything is wrong today
everything is broken
but my relief arrived
in the newfound knowing
that my hands will never
catch the pieces
in this moment
i cannot change it
right now
there is no fix
there is only the choice
to be with it
or exit
and my presence
would surely be missed

Sending Light to all beings 🌻 Danielle


No Strings

In the Night


i am the moon
and you the deep blue
united by your current,
my pale vision burns soft and slow
beneath a blanket of stars
a luminous body anchored in the night,
stroking your surface with feminine magnetism
the ebb
the flow
we are connected
we move each other
you are wild and deep
and together we burst
with remarkable power
that belongs only to the heavens
and to us
be still now, Blue
cradle me in your encompassing arms
until morning comes and I slip away
lost into the Light

Trust in Us

i’m not afraid of you
take me inside
show me all of your fragments
and see how the light will dance
through your seams when you shine it through
hear how the heart song sings its loudest when it’s finely tuned
and know how just when the end of your rope is met with shaking hands
does the earth reach to meet your feet
despite how ungrounding love’s fall may seem
know that miracles only come from thin air
so take my hand and leap
trust in us
trust in me
and maybe this time
we won’t come down

Home Is

if home is where the heart is
i’ve found mine in many places
i’ve left a nest in
iron skylines
redwood rainforests
lovers from campbell to canaan
home is where i am
but also where i want to be
in a cluster of stars i swear i’ve seen
and in the damp sweet soil mother gave me
is my heart shattered and scattered?
or rather expanded,
encompassing hours of
ruffage and road?
perhaps home is not a place
but rather a state
beyond the surveyor’s tape
beyond the postmarked letters
or white picket gate
home is in knowing
our fate is in the hand
or rather foot-drawn map
of every step before
and even more
each to come
home is here
wherever we stand

Listen Here

my body
is my most sacred instrument
i will make love with her
make some kind of magic
make that sweet music
strum my ribs like tender strings
spread my limbs like angel wings
raise my voice to sing
my truth like a melody
’til life takes its last from me
no one can silence me
hold me back or keep me still
i refuse to gather dust
on the shelf of my bedroom
because someone else
never learned how to play me right
so if you’re ready
hold tight and listen here
i will take you as my student
teach you ’bout appreciation
of a woman
of a human
of the heart’s enduring beat
how to make ends meet
on sweet love
spare change
and common sense
for it always adds up
when you learn to count your blessings
and let me tell you
i am worth my weight in gold

Palms Facing Upward

i greet life
with palms facing upward
beckoning its blessings
to fall in my grasp
and so too i greet you
with palms facing upward
a nest to rest your head when it’s weary
a cup to fill when your wine’s finally flowing
and even if my fingers wear frail
or endless seasons pass
since the last i saw your smile
know your hands are in my good graces
and my heart will not close the door
no matter the day or the story’s page
to me you are
welcome home

Luna y Lobo

Some Nights