Listen Here

my body
is my most sacred instrument
i will make love with her
make some kind of magic
make that sweet music
strum my ribs like tender strings
spread my limbs like angel wings
raise my voice to sing
my truth like a melody
’til life takes its last from me
no one can silence me
hold me back or keep me still
i refuse to gather dust
on the shelf of my bedroom
because someone else
never learned how to play me right
so if you’re ready
hold tight and listen here
i will take you as my student
teach you ’bout appreciation
of a woman
of a human
of the heart’s enduring beat
how to make ends meet
on sweet love
spare change
and common sense
for it always adds up
when you learn to count your blessings
and let me tell you
i am worth my weight in gold

Your Love is All

my love for you

brims with such immensity

heart spills over heels

for all living things

every creature with a soul

i’ve come to know

holds a speck of star

who at one time found home

as a freckle on your cheek

or a fiber in your bones

to love you is to love

every thought

every being

every day


love is all

and in my fall

i’ve found it true

in you

Funeral Heart



there’s a funeral in my heart

i hold it for you

candle light flickers

and flowers in my room

a life’s worth of grief

comes rushing through

from the belly of the body

i’ve used for a tomb


i couldn’t accept

this stillborn death

so i’d charge myself up

like a defibrillator set

i gave every ounce in me

and even more yet

praying if i was stronger

your needs would be met


but i’m tired and i’m heavy

and i can’t go on living

in the shadow of this fear

oh this fear of your passing

the truth is we lost this

before i could save it

i will no longer bear

what has always been broken


i can’t

i won’t

i am better loved alone


then your spirit left my chest

and mine stepped through the door

her dew drop eyes shining

asking who missed who more?

when she wrapped her arms around me

i fell to the floor

i no longer have to

hold up anymore


welcome home

welcome home

when i let you go

i came home

Soulful Sacrifice