True Freedom

We come into this world a shining Light.

Unscuffed and unscathed by the realities of Earthly existence. And while our core, our wholeness, and that freshness of new Life is always available to us, the Truth is that living just… changes us. The radiant naiveté of our youth wears away with every disappointment, loss, and season of strife. Strains with every growth spurt. With our crows feet and snags and stains we might reminisce on a time when we were sparkling and new—as if this past offering of ourselves was more worthy of reception. But this is just not so.

With every heartbreak we earn a little more wisdom. We earn our vintage. And in this breaking down, we surrender to Life’s alchemy, transforming our hopes and expectations into total acceptance and presence. Freedom doesn’t lay in our perfection or potential, but in our willingness to step into the Light of the the world and declare “I AM HERE. Love me as I am, and I will each of you.”

I honor the ways I have been broken open by Life, because I honor my human experience and the richness it provides. I see your cracks and your scars and they’re beautiful to me. Truly. Thank you for being, and for being you. Right now. And for every scrape and step that got you here.

Sending Light to all beings 🌻 Danielle

Jed McKenna

by Jed McKenna

“You will never achieve spiritual enlightenment
The you that you think of as you is not you,
The you that thinks of you as you is not you.
There is no you, so who wishes to become enlightened?

Who is not enlightened?
Who will become enlightened?
Who will BE enlightened?

Enlightenment is your destiny
more certain than Sunrise.

You cannot fail to achieve enlightenment.
Were you told otherwise?
Irresistible forces compel you.
The universe insists.
It’s not within your power to fail.

There is no path to enlightenment:
It lies in all directions at all times.
On the journey to enlightenment, you create and
Destroy your own path with every step.

No one can follow another’s path.
No one can step off the path.
No one can lead another.
No one can turn back.
No one can stop.

Enlightenment is closer than your skin,
More immediate than your next breath,
And forever beyond your reach.

It need not be sought because it cannot be found.
It cannot be found because it is not lost.
It cannot be lost because it is not other than that which seeks.

The paradox is that there is no paradox.
Is that not the damnedest thing?”

Sending Light to all beings 🌻 Danielle

Where I’m Going (Poem)

i am

where i am going

and let me tell you

it’s a beautiful road

tree-lined and


and not without it’s

rough patches but

i decide it adds character

while stepping

over and around

dragging my knees

in the mud somehow

adds to its beauty

and to mine

for nothing can replace

the way my heart races

when a crackled bend

peels back to reveal

a light-kissed cliff

or a meadow green

beyond belief

in these moments

i thank grace

for the aches

i praise the sky

for my storms and

i pray

i pray

i pray

that every day

i keep going

that every day

i remember

i am here

Why Walk a Spiritual Path?

Why do we pursue a spiritual path? And why do we follow it once we’ve got our feet wet?

I’ve been drawn to spiritual study and practice for about 6-7 years now, and my motivation for doing so has been all over the board. There’s been a genuine curiosity for Life and desire for deeper connection (with Spirit, with others, and within myself) underlying it all.

But the human mind loves to attach itself to… well, everything. So it’s only natural that even if something is entered with genuine motivation, we can get hooked into story-telling and, ultimately, reinforcing the ways we feel bad about ourselves. Red flag that your ego’s at play? If we feel like our practice will make us “better” than we are now…implying that our expression in the present is somehow lesser than, or needing fixing.

It’s important to be careful about using phrases like “reaching our Highest Potential” when we’re motivating ourselves to practice, learn, or grow. I’ve fallen into that mental trap so many times, and I still have to catch myself. The key to not finding fault for fixing is Self-Love.

We’re already perfect. We’ve done the absolute best with the energy, wisdom, and resources we’ve had. And perhaps, through practice, those qualities will change, and we’ll have the opportunity to experience ourselves and our Life with more peace of mind, less resistance, and and a heart more open to all beings and Life itself. Not because it’s “better,” but because it’s the natural unfolding that happens when we devote ourselves to awakening. (Doesn’t hurt that deep love and ecstatic bliss tend to be natural side-effects of the path, but that’s neither here nor there.)

So—why do we practice? My wonderful teacher Hareesh Wallis has offered the following, and it’s changing the way I approach every day.

“I walk this path out of Love for myself so that I may know the Truth for the benefit of all beings.”

In this way, we offer ourselves patience and grace for where we are while honoring our genuine desire to suffer less than we have been able to previously. And it indulges our natural curiosity to understand our experience. What is True. With the desire to support, Love, and heal all beings.

The following video is an offering from Hareesh going deeper into this concept. It’s been rippling through my consciousness for the past few weeks, so I’d love to share it with all of you.

Sending Light to all beings 🌻 Danielle


Cutting Down

What’s it going to take for us to believe in our own potential and resiliency? I think about the impossible feat of a tiny acorn becoming the majestic oak. Looking at that dinky seed in our palm, our mind would never believe it. Greatness? In this? Madness! But, yet, it is true. Somehow, that little seed undergoes miracle after miracle, rising a little more each day. Wilting perhaps, or even getting trampled upon. But this is the glory of nature, and the great wonder of the Universe. The inconceivable occurs every day. We, dear ones, are like this too.
And what keeps us going? Faith.
What keep us buried? Doubt, darkness, and staying in our little shells.
I’m a recovering self-bully. The shit that’s come out of my own psyche in my own direction is downright cruel in many instances, and I share this not for sympathy because I know this self-sabotage is RAMPANT among damn near everyone I know. Even among the brightest Lights and the most gifted Artists and Leaders. Role models even!
Enough! When did it become so normalized to treat ourselves so badly? When did we forget that inside of ourselves was the seed of an incredible Tree of Life, waiting to root down into Mother Earth and stretch our limbs to the Heavens? This is our Truth, and we must not forget it.
I, for one, am so over not believing in myself. Because whether or not I acknowledge it, I will always have the capacity to grow that much. To GIVE that much (I mean, just think for a moment how much LIFE is sustained by a single tree.) We must not dishonor our own beautiful potential with harshness and criticism. Our work is to get quiet—watch and listen for what we ourselves need in nurturance to grow into our fullness and rootedness. And then do it.
As a sapling in this Circle of Life, I see and honor each of you in your growth, your process, and your potential. I believe in you, and I pray you can believe in you too.
Sending Light to all beings, Danielle

Until The Question Fades

staring out this window
paper moths flutter past the screen
crickets converse in a dialect i’ve yet to pick up
feeling nearly excluded
from this strange and beautiful place
thinking how i will never have
solace in knowing i’m right
in the choices i’ve made and am making
how the thing called happiness
is never unchanging enough
to derive this measure
because there is no measure
there is only this
right now
and i wish
god i wish
my trust was certainty enough
to make the wisdom settle in
to make it feel okay
make me okay
or even just help me breathe
a little more
every day
until the question
eventually fades

Give Me Roots